Walk With a Doc – Wednesdays, 8 AM, Library Bridge at River Street – Join Us

Join us Wednesdays at 8 AM, from now through mid-September at the Library Bridge at River St.

Each week a health professional provides information on common health problems. This past week the MMR emergency response team provided us with information on what to expect when the unexpected happens, and when you should call 911. What are the most common heart attack symptoms for men and for women? Different professionals open our session each week with a 10-minute talk, then we walk at whatever pace is comfortable.

You may continue the health dialogue as we walk. Come alone or bring a friend. The important thing is that at least once a week you are proactive about your health. People who intentionally meet once a week, tend to start walking more frequently and farther. We’re the group that gets you started and keeps you sticking with this healthy habit.

This great program is free to you, and is supported by the Village Parks and Recreation Department, with coordination provided by our generous volunteer, retired physician Christine Petersen.