Take a Virtual Tour of Downtown Elk Rapids!

The Elk Rapids Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is now offering a virtual tour of River Street and Memorial Park in downtown Elk Rapids. The virtual tour offers panoramic shots of the Elk Rapids downtown, as well as several single shots of points of interest throughout the community. The take the tour, click the link below!

Take a Virtual Tour of Downtown Elk Rapids

The virtual tour is the culmination of a DDA contract with RTV, Inc., which produces virtual tours of businesses. The DDA hopes that businesses in downtown Elk Rapids will leverage the River Street virtual tour by offering virtual tours of the interior of their shops, restaurants, theaters and other spaces. This would allow virtual “tourists” to walk from the street, right through the front door and into each building downtown.

Business owners are encouraged to share a link to the virtual tour on their websites and social media pages, as this will be an invaluable tool for showcasing downtown Elk Rapids.

For more information on this virtual tour, please contact Andy LaPointe, DDA Chair.

Andy LaPointe
DDA Chair