Village no longer accepting brush at WWTP

Effective immediately, The Village of Elk Rapids will no longer be accepting brush drop-offs at the Waste Water Treatment Plant facility (8228 Herman Rd.). With construction on the new Waste Water Treatment Plant set to begin in October, the Department of Public Works is preparing the area for equipment and construction. Dropping brush at the DPW Garage lot (117 Lake Street) is also prohibited. In the future, dropping brush at either of these sites will be considered littering, and be treated as such.

However, the Village is still offering monthly street-side brush pick up to all Village residents. The Department of Public Works (DPW) will pick up brush on the first Monday of each month. Here is some important information regarding this service:

  1. Brush pick up will begin on the East Side of town and move West. No return pickup will be made.
  2. The Village truck will not drive on non-village streets. i.e. condos, trailer parks, etc.
  3. Brush that is taken down by contractors (i.e. tree trimming services) will not be accepted and should be disposed of by the contractor.
  4. Residents must have their brush piled neatly by the shoulder of the street, butt ends facing out, with roots and dirtballs removed.
  5. No alley pickups.
  6. This is a service for downed branches or a tree that is being removed from developed lots or homes in the Village, not to clear empty lots.

This is a BRUSH pick-up only. No trash, garbage or construction materials will be accepted. Brush should not be mixed with leaves, grass clipping or yard rakings.

If residents have questions regarding brush the Village’s pickup service, they should contact Department of Public Works Superintendent Steve Breece.

Steve Breece
Department of Public Works Superintendent
Village of Elk Rapids
231-409-9918 (cell)
231-264-6391 (fax)