Village continues comprehensive review of Code of Ordinances


The current Village of Elk Rapids Code of Ordinances constitutes a re-codification of the 1985 Code of general ordinances adopted by the Village Council on December 17, 2001. The Code has been amended on numerous occasions to comply with changes in state statute and for the health safety and welfare of residents and visitors to the Village of Elk Rapids. Over the life span of the current code, it has been brought to the attention of the Village Staff that various language and confusion with the organization and location of items in the Code has proved to be very difficult for our citizens.

At their April 6, 2015, meeting, the Elk Rapids Village Council – with Planning and Zoning Administrator Steve Ravezzani taking the lead – began a comprehensive review of the Village of Elk Rapids General Code of Ordinances. This process will require considerable time and effort on the part of Village Council, commissions, and staff. There will be several opportunities throughout this process for public input on the revisions that will be proposed to the Code of Ordinances. Residents who are interested in this process are encouraged to check back to this Webpage often, as updates and draft sections of the Code of Ordinances will be available here for review.

Review Process
To provide the public a current, relevant, and more “user friendly” document, Village Council has directed the Village Staff and appropriate Boards and Commissions to review and provide for consideration, a complete new format of our existing Code of Ordinances. Included in the review, grammatical corrections and other recommended amendments to the current ordinance are to be recommended that will ensure compliance with state and federal statute and present a more clear, beneficial and understandable document for public use.

The Village Council will review the proposed recommendations offered by Staff and the appropriate Boards and Commissions during regularly scheduled Council meetings in order to provide the opportunity for public comment as the process moves forward. As part of the Council review and with consensus of the Council, changes to some of the proposed recommendations will be discussed and made, improving the ease of understanding of the document. Upon completion of Council’s review, the proposed new Code of Ordinances will be forwarded to Legal Counsel for review and comment relative to the legal aspects of the document.

The Final Draft of all proposed revisions to the new Code of Ordinances shall be prepared by Staff and presented to the Village Council for adoption in accordance with the requirements established in the Code. These revisions will be considered by Council in sections.

Recently adopted Ordinances

Chapter 1: General Provisions (PDF)
Chapter 2: Administration (PDF)
Chapter 2: Art. I, Div. 3, Boards and Commissions (PDF)

Ordinances Currently Under Review
Below are links to the Village ordinances currently being reviewed by staff and Village Council.

Chapter 2, Sec. 2-3.b. Compensation President and Trustees (PDF)

All documents are in PDF format. If you are not able to open the PDF files, please download Adobe Reader.