Fall Leaf Pick-Up Oct 21-Nov 29 (or until snow stops us). Click for important details.

It’s that time of year again!  We are proud to provide leaf pick-up, as this is a service not all communities provide. Please help us to continue this program, by following these important rules:

  1. No branches, brush or vines. Extraneous items damage the leaf machine, resulting in tax dollars spent on avoidable repairs, and less service provision. (Leaf pick-up is not brush pick-up. Different equipment.)
  2. No pet feces. Village employees are your neighbors, friends and family; they are not equipped, nor expected to handle bio-hazards during leaf pick-up. Please kindly pick up after your pets.
  3. No construction/landscaping materials.
  4. Please click the link for key details and a couple more reminders.
  5. Please enjoy northern Michigan’s spectacular autumn!

Leaf pick up details