Brush Pick-Up: Is now done for 2018

The EARLIEST dates you may place brush at the curb for pick up are as follows:

Fridays September 28, November 3 and November 30.

Pick up begins the first Monday of the month starting on the east side and heading west. This usually takes three days, unless there is rain or an emergency.

PLEASE keep our community looking clean and sharp, by adhering to the brush schedule. Do NOT place brush out early.  All details at the link provided below.

The village will NOT pick up brush piles that have grass, leaves, yard rakings/twigs, trash, construction materials, firewood, ANIMAL WASTE or garden waste, such as VINES.  Our DPW workers are not trained/equipped to deal with bio-hazards. Also, vines don’t process in shredders. They are destructive to equipment (costing unnecessary tax dollars) and dangerous for workers.  Please remember the human factor that goes into the services we provide. Thank you!

Brush Pick-up Notice