ALERT for online payments

An online company called DOXO advertises that you can pay your village utility bill with them.  Do NOT do this. Instead, go to our website: On the homepage find, Agendas and Information, Pay my Tax or Utility Bill Online.  Our site will direct you to Access My Gov (AMG), a secure online/real-time site that the Village of Elk Rapids has contracted with for credit/debit card processing.

What’s the difference?

AccessMyGov (AMG) serves more than 700 municipalities in Michigan and handles more than a million transactions per year.  AMG  enables customer payment through a secure connection and fulfills the requirements outlined by the credit card industry to deliver the highest level of data security.

By using the village website and AMG, the village can view the payment within a 1/2 hour and it is posted to your account the same business day.


DOXO is NOT affiliated with any municipality. It is a “digital file cabinet” app that downloads to your PC or phone. DOXO takes the funds from your credit card and supposedly mails a check to village on your behalf.  Reviews and complaints regarding DOXO indicate it can take up to 12 days to reach a utility company, with some complaints stating payment never appeared at all.

The company earns income from service fees and float time–the time between when they take money from your credit card and when the utility company cashes the check mailed on your behalf. The longer it takes the check to reach us (if it reaches us) the more they earn!

It is the customer’s responsibility to use the appropriate service. The village is not responsible for late fees and repercussions due to payment(s) not received.