2014 fall leaf pickup is October through November

The Village of Elk Rapids is providing leaf pickup during the months of October & November. The last day of service will be November 26th , 2014, or sooner if snow makes its way before then. Other important information regarding this service:

  • This is a residential service only. Excluded from pickup are private streets, condominiums, mobile home parks, and commercial enterprises.
  • Residents must have their leaves piled NEATLY by the shoulder of the street.
  • Do not place leaves in bags.
  • No alley pickups
    • Do not mix brush & branches with yard rakings. This is not brush pickup.
    • No trash, garbage, or construction materials

For additional information regarding this service, please contact DPW Superintendent Steve Breece. Steve Breece Department of Public Works Superintendent E-mail: vllgdpw@elkrapids.org Office: 231-264-9971 Cell: 231-409-9918